At MBW Web Design, as well as building professional and fully functional websites we also offer additional web design services. These will include, search engine optimisation, per per click advertising, logo design and website maintenance. Check out our affordable prices.

Search-Engine-OptimisationSearch Engine Optimisation from £49.99

We strongly recommend that you use our affordable additional services for SEO. If you have a website, its crucial that your website optimised for search engines. This way  when some body make a search looking for a particular products and services your website should come up based on search phrase. This requires skillful set up and involves various steps. For example; identifying and setting up particular keywords for your products and services, setting up tags, submitting site maps etc.

Setting up Title and Meta tags

These are the most important tags which tells the search engine whats your website is all about and how your website looks on the search results.

Website Verification

Website Verification is basically your website has been acknowledged by search engine and trusted and regularly crawled by search engines.

Submitting sitemaps

Submitting XML sitemaps list of contents tells search engine about your pages, posts, images etc. When somebody makes a search for a particular thing, this is where search engine will perform a search and pull and display the results.

Google-AnalyticsGoogle Analytics setting up from £29.99

With Google analytics you find out about your websites performance in statistics. You can see here how many visitors you are getting, where they come from, which pages are they are clicking and so on. From here you can see where your website is in marketing point of you. You can also track here the visitor from referrers and displays advertising, PPC (pay per click) and email marketing.

pay-per-clickPPC Advertising from £29.99

Pay per click is an internet advertising which sends you direct traffic. For example if somebody searches a product or services in Google, your website will appear on search results as an ad either on the top or on the side or on the bottom. It increases your websites impressions on search results and increases the clicks on your website which could turn into sales.

The great thing is PPC Advertising is you can set up a daily budget, you can start it when you want and you can stop it when you want. You could actually spend a lot of money on PPC but with good keyword and data analysis it helps your business to grow.

logo-design-manchesterLogo Design from £25

Your logo is very important, it brands your business. If you are looking for a logo for your business we provide very cost effective logo designs for your business. With our logo design services you get unlimited revisions, free formats of JPEG, Ai, Giff, Psd and EPS and free colour options.

website-maintenanceWebsite Maintenance Services from £29.99 per month

Today the technology changes constantly. If you have a website you need to keep up with it, you need to back up and update your website regularly. If your website does not get updated regularly you may have problems such as security loopholes and increased risk of hacking, speed and performance problems, out of date information for your customers and broken links.

Here we offer very competitive web maintenance package for only £29.99 per month. With this package your website will be backed up once a month, we will do broken link scan and we will update your themes and plugins regularly. You will also get up to 1hr per month technical support via e-mail.

website-updateAdditional pages, features and content changes

From time to time you may need to change your content of your website or you may need to add new content. If you need a content change please contact us and we will discuss it with you. The cost of the service will be depending on the complexity. Please call for details